Innovation in Aquatics Webinar Series

This e-learning series will inspire you with real-time cutting-edge innovation in Aquatics nationally and internationally.

What does the series include?

• Five webinars, five resource packages, five chats - starting at the end of February 2019

• Real-time cutting-edge Innovation in Aquatics nationally and internationally

• Access to latest research, information and statistics

• Invigorating case studies of great practice

• Social media platforms to share ideas and solve problems together

Webinar topics will include:

• Mega Trends, Disruptive Technology and the Future of Aquatics

• Planning Aquatic Facilities for the Future - Making a Splash

• Facility Design for a Carbon Zero Future

• Our People are Changing: Diversity in Action

• Innovative Services

Each webinar will be followed by resource packages, live chats and forums.

Your investment

Just $50 +GST for members, $95 +GST (includes membership until end of June 2019) for non-members. Look out for further information coming soon or contact to register your interest.

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